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A Dynamic Duo

Recently the Ames Town and Country Kiwanis Club was entertained by Senior

Variety Show performers Leo Timms and Alice Thompson. Besides modeling the

show’s mission, they thanked the club for its long-time support and invited members to

perform with them in the 26 th Annual Senior Variety Show, “Antics Roadshow!” August

19 and 20.

Timms, who is preparing for his third show, wanted to perform with Thompson who is

the “senior” senior of the show. At age 98 she has been in all 26 senior shows. They

worked up an entertaining duet in 2020 and then waited 3 years to perform it due to the

COVID hiatus! So, despite (but mostly because of) their 35 year age difference, they

have delighted in their practice sessions together and look forward to entertaining and

surprising the audiences at Ames City Auditorium in August.

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