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SVS Kick-off Social 2024

Per usual, mid-February marks the start of a new show season for variety show cast and committees!  A social gathering is planned to celebrate the success of the past show, to meet the new show directors, and learn their vision for Show 28!  

This year it was held on February 15 at Northminster Presbyterian Church.  The co-directors for the upcoming 28th Annual Senior Variety Show were introduced as Tim Berry and Ronnie Lindeman, both of whom are very familiar with the theater community in Ames.   Tim used to work at WOI and was seriously into the ACTORS scene here before spending 15 years in Mankato, Minnesota, serving as a community theater director there as well.    Ronnie has been part of our SVS Creative Team for over 15 years, sometimes co-directing, always designing the set, and after she turned 60, performing as well.

It’s always fun to gather the SVS family, revel in last year’s big hit, enjoy snacks, share ideas for the upcoming show, and encourage newcomers to join the fun!.  Next on the docket:  auditions in April and then the show is definitely off and running… and we are frantically trying to catch it!   

Here’s to another delightful SVS season! 

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